Flash Video: See What Happens dot com

I love these marketing strategies. Just saw this commercial on TV, and it ended at the climax; then the URL comes on. So, leaving her majesty to deal with figuring out how to get to the Caribbean from Expedia.com, I rush back to my comp to see the site. The Flash video plays quickly the commercial in full length. At the end, you?re directed to the main site.

The guy driving the Camry is a loser… he gave up… I woulda’ drove that Galant right through those frikin’ falling cars, action movie style!

Dislike the colors and shapes as they are definately not marketing to my gen. However, love the simplicity, speed, and marketing use of the site.

<a href=”http://www.seewhathappens.com/”>See What Happends dot com</a>

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