Shared Libraries in Central: Part One

When using Shared Libraries in Central, you have to manually include the file’s in your application’s product XML file via the file html tag with the src attribute to the file on your website, absolute.

I must have glazed over this in the documentation as I was wondering why my Shared SWF’s weren’t getting installed.

…however, this still doesn’t explain why they don’t work in my app. I tried changing the export frame, changing the swf path to the website path instead of locally, and a few other things, but still no dice. Maybe I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

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  1. hmmm… You should not have to include the shared library files in your product.xml. As long as your shared library is on the same domain as your Central application, then they should work. One other thing to check, the linkage for this shared library should not be a relative link. You need to provide the full path to your shared library. I have a simple test where I am using a shared library in Central and it works, so if you don’t get this working, let me know. Thanks.

  2. 1. If I don’t put the Shared Library SWF file in the product XML, then how does Central know my main SWF is using Shared Library SWF’s?

    2. Ah, ok, I only tested to full path for one; I’m using 4, so that could be why.

    I can solve the later tonight I’m sure, but the former… well, I just don’t see how Central would know; Flash doesn’t even know. It’s up to the developer to include the SWF herself/himself.

    Cool, thanks for full path tip; hopefully that’ll solve it!

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