CellRenderer API: Need the interface?

Not sure if I’m doing this right, or if the interface is already in the framework, but here’s what I garnered from trying to make a cell renderer for the DataGrid:

<code>interface CellRenderer
// Returns the preferred height of a cell
function getPreferredHeight(Void):Number;

// Returns the preferred width of a cell
function getPreferredWidth(Void):Number;

// Sets the width and height of a cell
function setSize(width:Number, height:Number):Void;

// Sets the content to be displayed in the cell
function setValue(suggested, item, selected:Boolean):Void;

I think if you throw that in an as file, and then #include it, you can then do:
<code>class YourClass implements CellRenderer{}</code>

At any rate, I’m using it that way, and if it breaks, or doesn’t compile, I’ll let you all know.

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  1. Jesse, you maniac, I keep meaning to play with the CellRenderer but there’s scant information out there – someone threatened to do a tutorial (Nig I think) but I’ve never seen one. It’s interesting that you can now use a CellRenderer for the V2 List component.

  2. Andrew, you rock!

    Bought to blog what I created… maybe it’ll be useful to you for seeing a Cell Renderer in action.

    Jared, not sure… I don’t see why not. The next post, I’ll post an idea.

  3. to alternate colors in a list/grid
    array_of_two_colors = [0xFFFFFF, 0xEEEEEE];
    _global.style.setStyle(“alternateColor”, array_of_two_colors);

    dont remember exactly if is alternateColor or alternateRowColor, any way this is the simplest way to do it.

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