SE|PY ActionScript Editor

Aw, dude, this thing is sweet! It’s like <a href=””>SciteFlash</a>, but has a few cool features. You can see the functions of your classes and other objects in this tree view, compile straight from it (tells Flash, “Test movie, mofo!”), has the Flash XML reference built right in, and even seems to support a lot of AS2 syntax as well! I haven’t read the site nor the docs so I’m aware I’m probably missing a lot, but I’m hooked without reading it, so check it out!

<a href=””></a>

3 Replies to “SE|PY ActionScript Editor”

  1. Dude!!! It can see your TODO’s! Like, type in:

    //TODO gotta code this function, yo

    Save your file, and then hit the TODO tab. OMG, that’s so phat!

  2. It is a great editor (especially like the function browser) – I only have 2 requests/complaints: Abbreviations like in Scite|Flash where I type a word, hit ctrl-b and it expands. Useful for inserting copyright, licensing, etc. at top of code.

    Also, when double clicking a file in explorer, it opens another instance of the app instead of just a new tab in the same instance like Scite.

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