Flash 2004 Sample App: Class Builder

First, my manager showed me how to set a breakpoint in an external file yesterday (after he asked me how and I couldn’t tell him). Call me dumb cause you knew this 2 years ago (hey, your neat). In the debugger, when it says, “The Flash Player is paused so that
breakpoints may be adjusted. Click
Continue to start the movie.” I never knew what that message meant, until yesterday. Basically, there is a dropdown above that message. You can select your script in there (may have 2 sometimes) and then scroll to your code and set a break point. There were some cases where it had the script name twice, but if you can’t set a breakpoint, choose the next script. That way, you can keep all of your code external, but still debug it without adding garbage code or coming in from another script.

Second, check what some bastard did Tuesday night to my car in my apartment (flat) complex and didn’t leave a note! Few hunnerd bucks… *sigh*

<a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/images/car_busted_1.jpg”>https://www.jessewarden.com/images/car_busted_1.jpg</a>

<a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/images/car_busted_2.jpg”>https://www.jessewarden.com/images/car_busted_2.jpg</a>

Third, I just got my copy of Studio 2004 from one of my editors!!! Yum…

<a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/images/studio_lick.jpg”>https://www.jessewarden.com/images/studio_lick.jpg</a>

Finally, <b>Happy Halloween!</b>

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  1. Hey, great job Jesse. This is something that could be really useful – just needs some polish. It’s perfect for a “wizard” approach to creating new classes, and might be better suited to making each one of the sections a separate screen in the wizard.

  2. very nice jesse! though i did notice that your online sample didn’t put a function’s return value type after the parameters… a minor glitch for an otherwise awesome tool! thanks! now, add getters/setters, “to do” comments (including commented “return foo;” for functions with return values), javadoc style comments (or VS.NET XML type if preferred)… ;-)


  3. YES!!! I was just thinking… man I like AS2, much more like c#, but sooooo much typing. I needed this soooo bad… getters/setters please ;-)

    and I agree with everything greg said above…

    ‘fo shizzle


  4. YOu and gModeler should get to together and make a nice RIA babey :D

    Nice work jess.

    AND GET YOUR BUTT DOWN TO MXDU! your the un-official mascot for this wonderous event.

  5. Yes, that works, but it’s usually a pain to have to scroll through all of the code to find your breakpoint.

    I find the trick where you put a function in your root timeline, with a breakpoint in it easiest:

    _global.debugBreak(msg) {
    trace(msg); //place the breakpoint here.

    Then in your external as file, simply call this from your code, and the debugger will stop there.

  6. I’m with you man… my manager just consider’s that a “hack” I guess to get a breakpoint in code. Again, this is the way to get <b>to it</b> rather than to come in from another script.

  7. Jesse, that sucks about your car. Did you file a police report? Also be sure to have a look around your complex for someone else with damage. More then likely someone from a nearby place or someone visiting one of them.

    And in regards to your studio MX pic. . . remember peters comment. =)

  8. Yeah, I am with Erich…look for a car smashed w/green paint on his left front panel… Can you tell I watched way too many detective shows in my lifetime?

    And Jesse…your book-licking pic…well…I – I just can’t say enough for all of the women who saw THAT pic today…

    Newscast: “There was a shudder throughout America today as women from the west to east coasts tuned in to Jesse Warden’s Book Licking website Friday morning… >:D…”

    “One viewer commented: “He, he…that Jesse just LICKED that…that… book and OH MY GOD!!” Unfortunately, that interview had to be cut short, as our interviewee’s eyes rolled back in her head. She siezed & fainted. Stand-by EMT teams were on the scene to assist. Most commented, “We are all now very envious of Her Majesty.” >:D

    Ok, just kidding!! Having fun on my Saturday morning coffee binge.

    Congrats on your book! Your associates are proud of the JexterXL!


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