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First off, thanks for all of the comments on my Class Builder ladies and gents!

It has been diffucult to stay on top of things with the lack of internet; supposedly we get our phone hooked up today and our DSL tomorrow at our new house, but I feel so… disconnected with the world. Coupled with the fact my house borders on the boonies, it’s certainly adds to the decor of my feelings.

At any rate, this Flash Panel was another learning tool used for my delvings into JSAPI. I’ve been trying to use it for all the things that I felt I couldn’t do in Flash’s authoring environment. Hopefully I’ll add more if I’m so inclined, but for now, this little tool simply allows you to mass toggle the “Export in First Frame” option for all of the symbols in the library. Since you have to manually do this via right click on each symbol, this is an insane timesaver for me, specially for non-SWC components (Flash MX files).

I have a few more ideas, but I’d love to hear more if you all have them. Hopefully this will help you not only in your work, but a FLA to learn from as well. Some things I learned:
– using LoadVars to quickly test JSAPI doesn’t work like you’d expect.
– return values from MMExecute are usually strings… I’ve yet to be able to get complex datatypes to work with easily, but then again, I’m still learning so could be doing it wrong
– I now have no idea where Flash MX 2004 puts it’s Window SWF’s. In MX, it was in your Documents and Settings folder, and whatever was in First Run was copied there… now I can’t find it. (No, haven’t searched beyond manually looking in that directory)

JXL Library Tools – <a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/downloads/JXL Library Tools.zip”>ZIP</a> | <a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/downloads/JXL Library Tools.mxp”>MXP</a>

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  1. Jesse if you trace your config directory you’ll find the WindowSWF directory.

    fl.trace( fl.configURI );

    that’s off the top of my head but it should work.

  2. nice work on the classbuilder tool.. havnt checked mx 2004 much yet..but if u dont find em in the dirs (prog files, & local setting/app data/..) they might have put em in a dll or resource file… thats what i do..so i can ensure noone replaces my swfs with their own… i put em in a dll, extract them to a tmp dir and load em OR using the flashdata var in the flash activeX u can send the activeX a feed of the binary encoded swf without a tmp file…. if i were them id do that…


  3. What happens with my screen?
    Where has all that color gone to all of a sudden?
    And this now, when I just started getting used to copy / paste the posts into a text-editor to read them…

    Seriously: Jacob Nielsen would dance with joy – usability has increased tremendously. Congrats!

  4. Hi! Jesse,

    Nice work, I was also thinking to avoid those right clicks and you did it.

    I found a small bug in library tool which is, when you don’t have any symbol in library and if you by mistake or intentionallay click “Do not export…items” or “Export in ..items” button, an error pop-up comes showing some TypeError and pop-up doesnt disappear after clicking ok.

    It basically getting into some kind of infinite loop.

    I guess, you get it.

  5. Yeah, I updated (v1.0.1) it not 5 minutes after posting when I found that bug since I didn’t test that the night before. Good catch!

  6. nice work man! appreciate the tools….i also curse you at the same time…now i have to get in to this too! friggin very sweet stuff!

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