AS2 Quick Primer: It’s Not Hard Or Slow To Do

I know their are other primers out there (<a href=””>Joey Lott: ActionScript 2.0 Primer</a>, <a href=””>Dave Yang: ActionScript 2.0</a>) but I think it is my duty do provide this information as simply as possible because of the current agitated feelings of AS1 vs AS2 (<a href=””>case 1</a> and <a href=””>case 2</a>). My goal is to show it’s relatively easy to write AS2, flexible enough so you don’t have to immerse yourself 100% to consider yourself coding in AS2 100%, and not slow to develop with. I’m going to try to do something I never do: Be succinct and not use slang (still using contractions, though).

<strike>I don’t think this is <a href=”″>ego-driven crap</a></strike>, I think people have a lot of time they have invested in learning Flash, which many use to do their job, get their paychecks, and pay their bills and feed their mouths. This is a very important subject for us using Flash in our daily lives as well as those, like Branden, who probably invested a lot of physical and emotional time up front, and therefore, have a lot invested in it all.
AS1 – Simple Class