PodPop Released

“‘<a href=”http://www.podpop.net/en.html”>PodPop/cw</a>’ is a group ware developed using PodPop which
is a development framework for creating rich internet applications without complex programming,
and it is intended to fully utilize the communication functionalities.
By using Flash, it has a high usability and an incredible performance like no other group ware
has ever had. ”

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but…

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  1. Sorry to be the one doing this… Databinding is really only the process of binding data to a control (eg. populating a textbox). The term has nothing to do w/ the mechanisms that transport any data to/from a client/server.

    Frameworks, on the other hand, really should be thought of as mechanisms that encapsulate common tasks. Server communication, security, etc. So your were kinda right (from a semantics perspective;). These are “Databinding Frameworks”.

  2. Just as an aside, I *really* don’t understand why ppl need these tools. Flash Remoting and Dataglue is so dead simple.. what? 5 lines of code to hit a server and populate a control? I think we need frameworks for managing Flash assets more than we need them for doing this stuff..

    Imagine a single swf that encapsulates your security, preloading, etc all config’d via an XML ala fusebox. That would be actually usefull.

  3. Well FINALLY here’s something that sounds like I don’t need it! ROFL… With all my years of CF coding, and just NOW starting to tinker with posting Flash dynamic fields to the DB, it’s the FRONT END that I’m lost in, not the data calls or queries. These I write so often that 99.95% of the bugs I get in any of my apps are the stupid ones, where I leave out a pound sign or somethin… It’s all the AS and learning why I need to do things like (trace) to process variables, and when…

    THAT’s where I’m lost.

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