WordML: Could Powerpoint be next?

Good info over at <a href=”http://www.zoode.org/b2/index.php?p=48&c=1″>Zoode Blog</a> about WordML, the XML format for new Word documents in Word 2003.

If this were to happen to Powerpoint, Flashcom development would blow the f$%(* up. One can only dream and use 3rd party progs for now (unless Breeze has it’s own parser in which case you’ll have to dish out mad dough).

I’m sick of XML, I swear I want to put it on bread, and then feed it to a Lion at the zoo and be done with it, but then something like this stirs on the horizon, and your like, “Dude, Flash can read XML!”, and ideas start flowin…

I haven’t investigated if this could even happen, nor do I feel like it, but it’d be nice to know if its a possibilty or if I should just go on the same route I’ve been on in the Flashcom front.

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  1. I wont be surprise if they actually have powerpoint with XML. Remember the app we were talking in. It was using XML. Most of my applications that i am creating at the moment is using XML to drive it because it allows me to change (especially since clients are so fond of changging colors, text etc) It doesnt make sence to get into the fla files and publish it again.

    My few cents worth.


  2. Don’t get your hopes up :) Just like everything else they (M$) do, they’ll be sure to muck up the xml with some form of wacky proprietary markup or syntax. Just look what frontpage used to do to html (I haven’t seen the latest version, maybe they’re over this?).

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