The Rundown

I know the summer movie season’s about over here in da US, but <a href=””>this one</a> looks phat. Reminds me a lot of the Transporter, but it has some humor in it to lace all the pain.

The Rock really should hook up with Jason Statham in an action flic.

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  1. How about Jet Li DMX and Jason Statham. That would be a nice trio. Perhaps a base for a remake of the magnificent 7, but updated for our times.

  2. Hell yeah, all three are bad asses! I really think, before he gets too old, George Clooney oughtta jump into the action flic mix. He’s pretty smooth, although, I hope he’s not the next bond.

  3. Mr. Clooney as Bond. Humm don’t know about that, unless he develops a British accent.

    Now we need 3 more guys for the maginificent 7 remake. We got Clooney (the mastermind), Stathan (the driver), Jet Li (the ass kicker) and DMX (the ass kicker II).

    How about that guy from the Hulk, Erik Bana. Anyone seen him in Blackhawk down. He kicked some serious ass. He could be the weapons specialist/hope he is not after you guy.

  4. Mark Walberg is a definite. And i might get some flack for this but Brad Pitt is not bad at all in an action genre. Think Fight Club, and lock stock and two barrels. Also he was in snatch. Ice – T, reminds me of New Jack City. Come to thin kabout it Mr. Blade himself could do some damage too Westley Snipes.

    BTW you thinking of I shagged Britney Spears aka Collin Farrel.

    I think we got our three (or four) other recruits.

  5. Yep, Collin was it! I vote against Brad Pitt just because he’s so known. Nothing wrong with him personally, but I like the “newness” of some of the other dudes.

  6. How can we forget Vin Diesel? Mr. XXX himself. Man you need some kind of Flash comm chat app like at teknision or something. be a lot easier ;-)

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