4 Replies to “Please test the Flash 7 Beta Player”

  1. Well I’ve found tile based game engines to run a lot faster, almost twice as fast in one case.

    I noticed that with Player 6 2advanced seemed to have some slowdown. Tried the site with 7, and it almost seems the same, with a slight improvement in speed.

    Still, it’s hard to estimate how much faster the player is seeing that sites usually don’t contain an FPS counter.

    On a side note… with the recent release of a Central screenshot, and now this beta, I guess this proves that MX2 will be out this fall. Makes sense since they usually release a new version around every 18 months or so…

  2. Tested 4 sites with video, overall they seemed to play better, except one, which was slower. vids are about 500k each, streaming from main timeline. but, I’m on a sat. connection, which varies, so that could have caused the slowness. I tested 12 sites and found no bugs. everything worked as usual. I didn’t notice any speed improvements on vectors, but like I said, my connection speed varies.

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