SWG Server Info

Via <a href=”http://www.mediadiva.net/mt/”>her majesty</a> @ the <a href=”http://www.firelegend.com/”>SWG FAQ</a>.
I know Valcyn is the Aussie server, but I’d prefer yall play on Tarquinas.
Ahazi – US West Coast
Bloodfin – US East Coast – unofficial PVP server (www.swgpvp.com)
Bria – US West Coast
Chilastra – US East Coast
Corbantis – US West Coast
Eclipse – US East Coast – unofficial UK player server
Flurry – US West Coast
Gorath – US East Coast – unofficial German player server
Intrepid – US West Coast
Kauri – US East Coast – unofficial French player server
Kettemoor – US West Coast – unofficial RPG server
Lowca – US East Coast
Naritus – US West Coast
Radiant – US East Coast unnoficial Spanish players Server; Gay and Lesbian Community
Scylla – US West Coast
Starsider – US East Coast – unofficial RPG server
Sunrunner – US West Coast – unofficial RPG server
Tarquinas – US East Coast
Valcyn – US West Coast – unofficial PVP server (www.swgpvp.com); unofficial Australian / New Zealand server
Wanderhome – US East Coast

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  1. Good enough; my girlfriend can play with me just like Counterstrike, so it helps the relationship too! Besides, I dig the Star War’s universe, specially with all the aliens and gunfire happening on a Saturday night, warm from Corona; it’s insane and fun.

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