When You Do It Right, And On Time

Tim Oxley posted on Twitter a common frustration I experienced for 5 years.

If I rush it, there are errors, if I take my time to get it right, it takes too long. I hate this industry.

Around 2005, I stopped having this problem. Whether that’s the 10,000 hours rule, or the 5 year rule (can’t find citation, but it’s out there), that’s when I stopped hating my code after I wrote it. I clearly hadn’t mastered programming, nor Flash, yet life was a lot more enjoyable when a task/milestone/project was complete.

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How Recruiters Can Hire Flex Developers

The following article is for both recruiters, and interviewers. After doing hiring, getting hired, and helping facilitate others getting connected, there seems to be a lot of confusion in our industry about how Flex Developers work. The following article describes the different types of Flex Developers, their rates, and how to interview & hire them.

Please keep in mind the following is full of (accurate) generalities to make things more concise and easier to understand.  The Flash/Flex community is very diverse, and as such there are many exceptions to the below.

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What I Learned at Flash and the City 2010

While it’s fresh, here is what I learned at Flash and the City 2010 (blog).  It was a Flash & Flex conference in New York City that brought together developers from around the world.  The reasons for me to attend were (beyond being invited, duh):

  1. You don’t attend conferences, you speak at conferences.
  2. I like smaller conferences.
  3. I love Manhattan.
  4. One of my current clients is there.
  5. My wife had never been to New York.
  6. You don’t get many eastern conferences (east in the USA).

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