Intro To Corona – 1 hour 45 minutes HD Video

An impromptu presentation (took 15 minutes to prepare) I did for the remote attendee’s of Ansca Mobile‘s Corona Hackathon. I cover some Lua basics, tooling, OOP, Corona DisplayObjects, Physics (crappy job on collisions, lol sorry), and gotcha’s I’ve encountered. I also briefly go over some of the business & marketing aspects you should be aware of when building your game.

Supporting links below video; I’ll add more + annotations to the video itself when I get time.

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Corona Game Example: OOP, Scope, and Box2D Collisions – Part 1

I took a break from working on another side project to devote my Sunday and part of my Monday to playing more with Corona. Specifically, I wanted to:

  • Learn how to do better OOP in Lua
  • Learn how to extend the base Corona GUI classes like Group
  • Learn about collision detection via their Box2D implementation

Mutha-grabbin success.

I set out to re-build 1942. It’s the perfect Corona game in that it has a lot collisions, sprites, and simple bitmap animations. I want to talk about what I learned in my 2 days. If you’re not familiar with Lua and know some ActionScript, hit my Lua for ActionScript Programmers Crash Course and check out a more simple example first. Here’s a quick sample video. You can download/follow the code on Github.

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