Intro To Corona – 1 hour 45 minutes HD Video

An impromptu presentation (took 15 minutes to prepare) I did for the remote attendee’s of Ansca Mobile‘s Corona Hackathon. I cover some Lua basics, tooling, OOP, Corona DisplayObjects, Physics (crappy job on collisions, lol sorry), and gotcha’s I’ve encountered. I also briefly go over some of the business & marketing aspects you should be aware of when building your game.

Supporting links below video; I’ll add more + annotations to the video itself when I get time.

Supporting Links


8 Replies to “Intro To Corona – 1 hour 45 minutes HD Video”

  1. Hi Jesse,
    just finished watching this,
    great video, thanks for sharing so much useful information. should get beginners up to speed very fast!

    Regarding IntelliJ, John Lindquist actually made a tutorial on how to launch/restart the simulator from the IDE you talked about, which is very neat:

    It works fine for me. (i am on windows but he also has a script for mac there)



    1. Thanks, glad you like it!

      Yeah, the Mac script, even with tweaking, doesn’t work for me. For once in my career, Windows seems to be easier. *sigh*

  2. Liked this. Maybe because my brain jumps about like yours does in the vid and sparks my enthusiasm and I find getting enthusiastic about something helps me solves more stuff and faster than a ‘perfect’ tut with less of a ‘buzz’ to it, if that makes sense. Regarding Corona seems to me that if you’ve used AS1/AS2/JS/PHP4 then you have a head start on a more proper Java programmer for example because some of the oddities you will have seen before.

    1. Thanks Ted!

      I grew to love AS1 over time once I understood it, but it’s been my opinion after using an ECMA language, an ECMA language with classes on top, and a true class language… that:
      – scope issues don’t help at all
      – for larger projects, strong-typing is needed

      Case in point, I spend at least half my Corona coding time hunting down null pointers. I’m increasingly littering my code with asserts to be more proactive in spelling errors. Tools like IntelliJ help because I can quickly see errors, but IntelliJ’s plugin has a long way to go compared to tools like how VisualStudio handles C#, Eclipse handles Java, and Flash Builder handles ActionScript. That + a tincy bit of lexical parsing might go a long way.

      I’m sure Ansca is strapped for resources being a startup, and aren’t really targeting large scale games. That said, even just a spell checker for my variables at this point would be amazing, low-hanging fruit.

  3. Thanks, very interesting video, and introduction.
    This is really fun to get into comming from an AS/JS background.

    Just one thing I didn’t get yet though, I’m wondering if I will be able to use the CoronaSDK for more than 30 days – for ex, if I just want to code and test locally on the simulator? Or do I also need to pay the 199$/349$ license for that too ?

    1. Pretty sure it works just fine; I did it for like 4 months. It’s when you actually deploy to the phone that’ll put like “demo” or whatever all over your app.

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