Thoughts on Teaching Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript

I’ve been doing a series of JavaScript videos on YouTube as part of a larger effort teaching Software Development. I find that I create a video 2 to 4 times before actually recording the real one. When describing something, when I find I have to reference a basic concept, I instead stop, and record a video around that basic concept first. This has worked well, and similar to blogging/writing books, it forces you to plug all holes no matter how minute in your knowledge of a subject so you can succinctly describe it in a way that makes sense.

From a programming perspective, teaching advanced JavaScript is quite challenging because it wasn’t designed for traditional OOP concepts and large application design. Many of the more popular languages today are either built on, or support and promote OOP usage. On the same token, once you know OOP you better appreciate Functional languages, parametric polymorphism, and other dynamic language features.

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Intro To Corona – 1 hour 45 minutes HD Video

An impromptu presentation (took 15 minutes to prepare) I did for the remote attendee’s of Ansca Mobile‘s Corona Hackathon. I cover some Lua basics, tooling, OOP, Corona DisplayObjects, Physics (crappy job on collisions, lol sorry), and gotcha’s I’ve encountered. I also briefly go over some of the business & marketing aspects you should be aware of when building your game.

Supporting links below video; I’ll add more + annotations to the video itself when I get time.

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Adobe’s Wowza Litigation, Flash Waning Passion, and Mobile Hype

Just reminder of a few things & comments on realities that have seeped into the Flashmedia list thread; Stefan already said most of it, but re-iterating.

If you’re not on the list, the quick summary is Adobe’s suing Wowza for patent infringement caused a lot of frustration in a already-extremely-pissed-off-at-Adobe user base.

I wanted to point out Adobe’s proven history at making money from defending their patents, some misunderstandings of how this is related to Flash’s second PR problem, and trying to crush some of the mobile hype misunderstandings.

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