Debug Window v2 – Simple Flex Debug Window

Back in Flex 1.5, I created a simple DebugWindow that was 1 class, and worked inside of Flex apps.  I don’t like a lot of complexity, and the fact I just needed to drop 1 class in my project, and write 2 lines of code to make it work was something that no others delivered on.  Using trace required you to not look at your Flex app to see traces, you had to run in debug mode, and you had to use ASCII art to filter messages.  I was using LuminicBox for Flex 1.5 projects later in the game, and in 2 & 3, I used the AS3 update of it by Mark Walters.  There were a couple of problems, though, and some features I wanted to add.

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Apple’s iPad, HTML5 Video, Gaia Flash Framework – JXLTV – Episode #3

				JXL TV Episode 3

I talk developing for Apple’s new iPad, how you can use your existing video to play on it. Also the Gaia Flash Framework’s history with a quick summary of what she does.

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How to Fix the Flash CS3 Components

*** Update: This is NOT fixed in Flash CS4, nor in the 10.0.2 update. I guess Adobe is in denial that stage.invalidate() is broken, or they just don’t have the dough to throw at QA to get 3 lines of code + an updated set of SWC’s. *sigh* ***

…and end the drawNow madness.

I knew something was SERIOUSLY wrong when I read in the official docs (Part 3) from Adobe that if your code doesn’t work correctly, try using “drawNow”, and failing that, “validateNow”. What do you mean “try”? What… the… hell…

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