When You Do It Right, And On Time

Tim Oxley posted on Twitter a common frustration I experienced for 5 years.

If I rush it, there are errors, if I take my time to get it right, it takes too long. I hate this industry.

Around 2005, I stopped having this problem. Whether that’s the 10,000 hours rule, or the 5 year rule (can’t find citation, but it’s out there), that’s when I stopped hating my code after I wrote it. I clearly hadn’t mastered programming, nor Flash, yet life was a lot more enjoyable when a task/milestone/project was complete.

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Using Geolocation with Flex in the Browser

I went to http://www.html5rocks.com, and some of the samples didn’t work. The one that did, however, was Geolocation. I thought it was neat because you didn’t need to utilize an iPhone/Android phone to get Geolocation data, and thus know where you are. I’ve read on Twitter that it’s not very accurate. Not sure how it works, but it’s been accurate for me. The browser support, however, has been atrocious. So far, the sample below only works in Chrome and Opera. Safari and Firefox don’t seem to work for me. Safari does pop up the permission dialogue, but just sits there; no error, no update. Regardless, I wanted to see if I could integrate that location data into Flash.

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How Recruiters Can Hire Flex Developers

The following article is for both recruiters, and interviewers. After doing hiring, getting hired, and helping facilitate others getting connected, there seems to be a lot of confusion in our industry about how Flex Developers work. The following article describes the different types of Flex Developers, their rates, and how to interview & hire them.

Please keep in mind the following is full of (accurate) generalities to make things more concise and easier to understand.  The Flash/Flex community is very diverse, and as such there are many exceptions to the below.

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How to Use RobotLegs On Top of Gaia: Part Deux

Robotlegs has been released for awhile, and things have changed over the past 7 months for the better.  A major discovery at how the Flash IDE can compile metatdata has recently come to light, so it’s time for an update to this topic which hopefully supersedes both my old way of using Robotlegs in the Flash IDE, and Helmut’s way.

The following article describes what Gaia and Robotlegs are, why you would use them, and how you go about using them together.

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