Day to Remember

Hopefully this will lighten things up. It always does for me. Thanks for this, <a href=””>Dave</a>!

<a href=” Si Unyil – Make It Better (Your Neighborhood).MP3″>Make It Better – Your Neighborhood</a>

My Childhood Role-Model

<img src=” rogers.jpg” border=”0″ />”We are grateful for the many people, young and old, who have cared about his work over the years and who continue to appreciate ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ on PBS. We hope that you’ll join us in celebrating his life by reflecting on his messages and taking them into your everyday lives.”

<a href=””></a>

“We all long to be lovable and capable of loving,” he said. “And whatever we can do through the Neighborhood or anything else to reflect that and to encourage people to be in touch with that, then I think that’s our ministry.”

I so wanna cry, dude…

DataProvider Update

First off, here is the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>gModeler</a> XML file that made this possible:

<a href=””>gModeler DataProvider XML</a>

Thanks again <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Grant</a>!

It won’t generate the exact XML Doc files for I had to tweak those a lot.

DataProvider Documentation

Similiar to the <a href=””>FUIDocumentation</a> that <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Peter Hall</a> did and I later turned into an <a href=””>MXP</a> that will install Reference Panel documentation, I have done the same thing with the <a href=””>DataProvider</a>. Have fun!

<a href=””>DataProvider Documentation</a>