DataProvider Documentation

Similiar to the <a href=””>FUIDocumentation</a> that <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Peter Hall</a> did and I later turned into an <a href=””>MXP</a> that will install Reference Panel documentation, I have done the same thing with the <a href=””>DataProvider</a>. Have fun!

<a href=””>DataProvider Documentation</a>

Pick Me Up

Getting my arse kicked by <code><a href=””>globalToLocal</a></code> again, so needed a pick me up. I know <a href=””>this is old</a> and <a href=””>everyone already knows about it</a>, but I don’t care. If I know people laugh when they see <a href=””>this commercial</a>, then I feel better and can go back on the rampage of showing <code><a href=””>globalToLocal</a></code> what’s up. YAY!!!

Disconnect a User

While awaiting Sam, Branden, and Brian to mosey through a Sydney street fight, broken bottle and all, Steve and I discussed how to disconnect a user while outside the club, Cargo in Sydney. Since I also read on the Flashcom list somebody was asking about this, I figured I would post some code I had. Dirty, but it works…