Director MX Woez

Ok, I can connect to my Flashcom server inside of Director MX, but I can’t for the life of me get a Flash video sprite to appear with a Camera attached to it, nor make the settings panel appear by sprite(1).settingsPanel(1). WTF!?!?!?!……….

LAN People

I am wiping the salt-water away from my drenched face as I post this. I laughed so hard reading this… I am Mr. Gay, btw.

New Flash Player: 6.0r79

<a href=””></a>

<a href=””></a>

I have sumarized the Flashcom stuff, so check the link above for exact changes.

– better audio and video syncronization from Flashcom
– better video framerate in live mode
– better audio latency in live mode (fewer gaps)
– new NetStream property in live mode called <code>liveDelay</code> which shows how much audio delay you are experiencing because of varying network delays
– syncronization of buffered FLV’s between video, audio, and data is now more precise (pre-recorded FLV’s)
– stream time property is now more smooth in changing whereas before it increased in steps

<b>Time Zone Fix</b>
– Fixed invalid daylight savings time offset in the southern hemisphere.

<b>Nested Masks with Device Text</b>
– Fixed rendering bug with device text and nested masks. This issue was only present on Windows XP.

<b>Screen Reader Crash</b>
– The Windows Tablet PC Operating System ships with the Screen Reader ?Speak Text? on by default. This system along with others that rely on a screen reader were experiencing a crash on certain web sites. This issue has been resolved.

Minds of Tomorrow

Received a letter today from what I think was the middle school (junior high) I spoke at for career day a few weeks past. Check it out!

It’s a good feeling to know that I am inspiring young people to get into multimedia. Possibly could be sowing the seeds for my competition… or future employees. Either way, I am helping people succeed. ROCK!

Now I know what teachers feel like…