Live Meeting

Dude, I saw this on TV last night as a commercial, amongst other goofy arse Office commercials. However, the Live Meeting one was pretty cool. If Microsoft is spending this much marketing dough on <a href=”″>Live Meeting</a>, I can see why Macromedia made <a href=””>Breeze</a>/Breeze Live. With globalization now a process & streamlining initiative for companies, it only makes sense that enabling products and services to empower them to do so shall follow.

…I just wish my place in the Flash ecosystem was more so that I could contribute. Let us hope that the Breeze API + Pods are an area in which I/we can do that.


I accidentally found this feature this morning. I was wondering where the hell WinAMP was keeping my “bookmarks” and favorites. I got sick of typing in my radio station via IE. In that big window that opens up, there was an Internet TV link. They have everything from 24 hour rave videos, bootleg Smashing Pumpkins concerts, Anime, and pR0n with rave music in the background. It’s pretty phat because the window has room for an instance of the IE ActiveX which displays the provider’s chosen webpage. The rave one is based in… a dot domain… don’t know where the heck that is, but they pick some phat music to stream, and got a nice pixel art DJ chik. Anyway, it’s just crazy that I just found this today, and that there is this much media content in WinAMP; my, how far she’s come from version 2… 3 and 4 were just bad memories. I wish I knew what codec they were using for the video and audio.

Wired on Outsourcing

Copy cat post from <a href=”″>da Corfield Organization</a>.

<a href=””>Good Outsourcing article on Wired</a>

I find myself so fascinated with outsourcing, I’m not sure why. I guess where others see their demise, I see opportunity. Until I can actually profit from it, though, if I get laid off, I’ll just try to join my government in some tech or militaristic fashion. If that doesn’t work, I’ll grab my fiancee and head to Sydney, Australia, and prostrate myself on the sidewalk outside of Daemon HQ. If they say no, I’ll hold Andrew hostage. If that doesn’t work, I’ll head to Mumbai (Bombay) and open a dance club and do contract work part-time. Do they have rave’s and/or a club scene in India?

What blew me away is that one of the peeps from India had read “Who Moved My Cheese?”. That blew the writer (and me) away. That book made such a difference in my life so it’s neat to see the Indian’s already gaining perspective on change when it’s in a positive direction; pretty cool. The reason that book did so well, in my eyes, was boom bust here, so it’s nice to see it doing well on a positive note instead of a negative one.

The first 5 pages are where the good stuff is. The writer certainly did their research, and talked with real people from the affected demographics: Those in India riding the wave, those in the US forming coup’s, and even a politician taking notice. I feel there were some innacuracies, strong opinions, and even some “psyche formation”, where the writer tries to actually get you emotionally involed in someway, and take you some placed based on that emotion. Any good writer does that, so I went with it. It helped you see the points the writer made better.

My favorite line was the foreshadowing of designer’s saving our arses:
“And these creations must be explained to customers and marketed to suppliers and entered into the swirl of commerce in a fashion that people notice, all of which require aptitudes that are more difficult to outsource – imagination, empathy, and the ability to forge relationships. After a week in India, it seems clear that the white-collar jobs with any lasting potential in the US won’t be classically high tech. Instead, they’ll be high concept and high touch.”

Taken out of context, but you can see what I mean.

Mediasite Live: Sonic Foundary’s Breeze w/ Hardware

With Breeze’s price tags between 20k and 200k (or just call them to discuss), I can see why Sonic Foundry coupled with Sony would hit this market hard. They know video and audio pretty well. Let’s hope their approach to marketting this product is better than their approach to offering almost identical software under different sub-titles (ACID DJ, ACID Pro, ACID Jazz, etc. all the same product with 3 miniscule features missing from each, just enough to tick you off. Do I rant about that enough?).

At any rate, they even have hardware bundled with it. The entire site is ripe with marketting info… a little overload for me. Funny, though, go to the FAQ if you just want the quick low down, and see how many times the word “rich” is on this page… dang new trend! Well, sure beats hearing “XML” everywhere I go.

Oh yeah, and ignore the picture of that one dude looking intensely at the screen in the blue light (first picture in the slideshow you see on the homepage)… he looks like the DC sniper; guess they better change that one quick, huh? *ahem*

<a href=””>FAQ</a>

Disclaimer: Just in case there is no discrepency, there are many differences between this technology and Macromedia’s Breeze. The similiarities, however, will be known by my boyz over at Flashcom, so I thought it was interesting to see what others are doing.