I accidentally found this feature this morning. I was wondering where the hell WinAMP was keeping my “bookmarks” and favorites. I got sick of typing in my radio station via IE. In that big window that opens up, there was an Internet TV link. They have everything from 24 hour rave videos, bootleg Smashing Pumpkins concerts, Anime, and pR0n with rave music in the background. It’s pretty phat because the window has room for an instance of the IE ActiveX which displays the provider’s chosen webpage. The rave one is based in… a dot domain… don’t know where the heck that is, but they pick some phat music to stream, and got a nice pixel art DJ chik. Anyway, it’s just crazy that I just found this today, and that there is this much media content in WinAMP; my, how far she’s come from version 2… 3 and 4 were just bad memories. I wish I knew what codec they were using for the video and audio.

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  1. Damn, clicked a button and it opened their site,

    It appears to be… Korean? I guess if they play video games, that already makes them cool as nuts, so I can see raving on the platter, too. The pictures there confirm that.

    Anyone know a Korean page translator? I wanna… I think fill out this request form for some Hybrid, but .. I don’t know what the field names are, hehe…?

  2. Jesse,

    Actually Winamp Video is using the VP Codec from <a href=””>On2 Technologies</a>. A while back they open sourced, if I am not mistaken, one of their codecs (VP3 I think). Additionally if I am not mistaken, Real pick up some of this as they were heading into the Helix game.

    Winamp’s encoder is decent stuff, and easy to setup and configure all things considered. Played with a while before getting into Flashcom.

  3. Wow, never knew that was even there either. Thanks for the heads up. That is definitely a little gem.


  4. Schweet, thanks for the info. I couldn’t believe the lack of serious processor usage for some of the higher quality streams; I could still do other things. That’s pretty phat if it’s as easy to setup as their audio streams were. Thanks again!

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