Mediasite Live: Sonic Foundary’s Breeze w/ Hardware

With Breeze’s price tags between 20k and 200k (or just call them to discuss), I can see why Sonic Foundry coupled with Sony would hit this market hard. They know video and audio pretty well. Let’s hope their approach to marketting this product is better than their approach to offering almost identical software under different sub-titles (ACID DJ, ACID Pro, ACID Jazz, etc. all the same product with 3 miniscule features missing from each, just enough to tick you off. Do I rant about that enough?).

At any rate, they even have hardware bundled with it. The entire site is ripe with marketting info… a little overload for me. Funny, though, go to the FAQ if you just want the quick low down, and see how many times the word “rich” is on this page… dang new trend! Well, sure beats hearing “XML” everywhere I go.

Oh yeah, and ignore the picture of that one dude looking intensely at the screen in the blue light (first picture in the slideshow you see on the homepage)… he looks like the DC sniper; guess they better change that one quick, huh? *ahem*

<a href=””>FAQ</a>

Disclaimer: Just in case there is no discrepency, there are many differences between this technology and Macromedia’s Breeze. The similiarities, however, will be known by my boyz over at Flashcom, so I thought it was interesting to see what others are doing.

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  1. Mediasite is actually not associated with Sony at all. Sony only bought Sonic Foundry’s software (Soundforge, Acid, Vegas, etc.), while Sonic Foundry maintained ownership of Mediasite. Mediasite has been something Sonic Foundry has been pushing for awhile now.

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