Preventative Frustration

Since Branden and I were pissed we couldn’t find this quickly, I am posting in hopes that in the future, it will help someone not have to deal with what we did.

I was looking for a video since my robot dancing made Sam laugh instead of bequeathing respect.

<a href=””>Breakdance2</a>

Rain after the storm

Co-chillin’ in an internet cafe in King’s Kross, sitting at a computer station almost out the open front door whilst attempting to check my email.

Phone Call to Overseas

Dude, has it always been this diffucult to call someone overseas? I thought it was as easy as just dialing in the numbers… stupid phones. I just learned (I think) about international codes (like 011) and country codes (16 for Australia, I think?). Phones are whack, yo. Now I know how non-computer literate people feel about computers; I feel the same way about phones.