Phone Call to Overseas

Dude, has it always been this diffucult to call someone overseas? I thought it was as easy as just dialing in the numbers… stupid phones. I just learned (I think) about international codes (like 011) and country codes (16 for Australia, I think?). Phones are whack, yo. Now I know how non-computer literate people feel about computers; I feel the same way about phones.

2 Replies to “Phone Call to Overseas”

  1. 61 for Australia.

    Dialing out codes also vary country to country. From Australia to the rest of the world its 0011 (instead of just 00). Safest bet on a mobile is to use +, eg, +61 for Australia as that will do the international bit for you regardless of where you are :)

    Trivia for ya’s all :)


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