JesterXL vs. Toyota Flash Ad: Round 1

I sent an email to Toyota based on their Flash popping up right in my face over top of the article I was reading with absolutely no close button. This happened 3 times while I was trying to read articles on I send them an email… and got a processed response back as well as another spam email asking me to take a survey… I’m a developer and know how to uninstall my Flash OCX, but users don’t, and there will soon be a market for Pop-up killer like programs for making Flash not work. This is bad news. Read what I sent.

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  1. I wonder if the user who sent the 2 billionth email got a prize?

    It’s nice to know they are sensitive to TV commercials, but I specifically said online. Idiots.

  2. why do you comment your own entries?? Why not just update your entry?

    Anways, please let us know when you land, though I assume you have already landed. We want to know you are safe!! You should be able to check email etc.. there is ushaully an “apple” show off room showing new apple comps and you can demo them and they are connected to the web. That’s how it is at most conferences.

  3. I landed and am safe, though jet lagged to hell. I should be in bed now, and yet just had breakfast and wandered about King’s Cross. I know you told me no, but I had to get a power adapter. I think it’s just like Georgia Tech’s area: Ok by day, ghetto by night. We’ll see.

    There is this huge graphittee in white on the bridge in front of the hotel. It says, “You are Bush’s slave”. I’ll take a picture of it before I stay in for the day to work on my speech. Maybe tomorrow I can take a city tour to get some better shots with my camera.

  4. oh yes take a picture of it, when yupi get the film decvleped ask for prints AND for a CD.

    Well I dunno when i will get to talk to you, but for god sake don’t stay “in for the day”, your in a bloody new country, get YOUR ASS OUTA the hotel!! FREAK!! :)

    check your email when you see this.

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