Preventative Frustration

Since Branden and I were pissed we couldn’t find this quickly, I am posting in hopes that in the future, it will help someone not have to deal with what we did.

I was looking for a video since my robot dancing made Sam laugh instead of bequeathing respect.

<a href=””>Breakdance2</a>

4 Replies to “Preventative Frustration”

  1. We look forward to seeing you back at MXDU next year!

    Thanks again for all the help you gave sam and I before the big day.

    Take care!


  2. Yeah, the strobe just reeked talent.

    Leif, can’t wait. I’ll have more example files by then, I’m sure.

    Julie, my pleasure. The hospitality you showed me was astounding. Hopefully I can come early again next year and help again!

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