Good MP3’s

I like long mixes when I work. So, here are some good mixes I’ve been listening to lately and hopefully you’ll like one of them, too!

Progressive Breaks

Hybrid – DJ Set At Two Tribes Melbourne (2004-03-07) Part 1 & 2

Their Tokyo mix is pretty hot too at 29:00 minutes… they just show off their audio sillz. The levels are kind of low, though.

Low Key Progressive Trance

Way Out West – Proton Radio Featured Artist Mix (2004-09-08) Part 1 & 2

I personally don’t like part 2 very much, but 1 is off the chain in some parts.

German Drum & Bass

My co-worker, Frankie Loscavio, has been turning me onto a lot of Drum and Bass artists I’ve never heard of before. I wasn’t really into a lot of D&B or Jungle, but some of it really is pretty good when your not in a happy techno mood, and want something more edgy, angry, and not so scripted via a 4×4 house beat… beautiful chaos.

Supposedly this German’s site keeps going down or whatever, so I’m hosting my favorite mix, and an additional one. His stuff r0X0R$!


DJ-GIS In The Mix.mp3

Britney Spears – In The Zone

A lot of weird things happened when I gew up. I changed a lot. I either adopted what I could stand, or loved what others couldn’t strictly cause they couldn’t (Sonic Youth anyone?) strictly cause that was one did at the time. Fell back to my roots during a metal stage, and then dropped all the metal to like rap (hip-hop) which I didn’t think ever would happen except over my dead body. Once I went dance music, everything else pretty much fell to the wayside, or was incorporated in some way. The only recent even that was weird was my respect for Justin Timberlake (formerly N-sync) when I saw a DVD of him beatbox battling with a drummer live on stage. I was like, “Holy …” and from that moment forward, I’ve tried yet again to be open to new things.

Hence, buying this album for my gf last night after work + Medal of Honor: Breakthrough, I must admit that there are some phat tracks on it. I’m definately gotta mix track 4, Breathe On Me. If you hate pop, you have your reasons, but if your open, at least check it out from a website or a friend as I recommend it.

Where are mp3’s?

I’m looking for:
– mp3 finding web services
– mp3 finding PHP scripts
– mp3 finding Perl scripts

I posted on <a href=””>Flash Lounge</a> today, but didn’t get much response. Hoping my blog will yield better results.