Britney Spears – In The Zone

A lot of weird things happened when I gew up. I changed a lot. I either adopted what I could stand, or loved what others couldn’t strictly cause they couldn’t (Sonic Youth anyone?) strictly cause that was one did at the time. Fell back to my roots during a metal stage, and then dropped all the metal to like rap (hip-hop) which I didn’t think ever would happen except over my dead body. Once I went dance music, everything else pretty much fell to the wayside, or was incorporated in some way. The only recent even that was weird was my respect for Justin Timberlake (formerly N-sync) when I saw a DVD of him beatbox battling with a drummer live on stage. I was like, “Holy …” and from that moment forward, I’ve tried yet again to be open to new things.

Hence, buying this album for my gf last night after work + Medal of Honor: Breakthrough, I must admit that there are some phat tracks on it. I’m definately gotta mix track 4, Breathe On Me. If you hate pop, you have your reasons, but if your open, at least check it out from a website or a friend as I recommend it.

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  1. Yeah, I’m ashamed to admit it but I like her new album as well. The way I see it, Spears is a corporation, not a person. There are so many layers on her voice, and such talent on the production and mixing, that the cd is really only 10% britney. I mean, do we even know she can sing? She certainly doesn’t on stage.

    I’m leaving out a few of the ballads when I burn it though. ;)

  2. Hey th is if breandy, hehe.. yes I made him buy it for me! I also was suprised how different it was from her last album. But i think the whole “breathy” voice thing is what she is trying to make her trade mark, and it worked really well on a bunch of those songs. She can sing very well.. I can’t for the life of me figure out why she makes her voice so mousey. I have watched some of the shoes when she was younger and she could sing pretty deep.

    I can’t figure out why she doesnt use her voice full on, but I like the new album.

  3. Yep…I have to say I like it too, & I don’t like some of Brittany’s stuff either…& I hate how she makes herself sound dumb sometimes… But her new stuff is good. I personally always keep an open mind about music. You never know when someone’s talent can take off…or when someone gets a better song writer!

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