Star Wars Kid Chronicles: Episode Deux

Aw hell, you know I signed this! Read on JD’s blog about a petition for getting that big kid who kicked it Darth Maul style into Star Wars: Episode 3. If you laughed like I did, please sign!

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Bio-Markup Language

No, I’m not talking about some propellarhead DTD… I’m talking about either it’s really late and I’m tired and my eyes & ears decieve me, or XML has gone to far. The text format you love to hate, but still frikin use in your day to job has some-frikin’-how made it into the GOA Trance land… I’m sitting here late night jamming to a band called Penta with a song called XML. wtf… who makes a techno song about XML? It sounds like that dude from Korn echoed out with sliced guitar riffs. I don’t make the strict markup connection… whatever, I’m still not asking what XML is and how it affects me, I refuse. It’s bad enough it had to latch onto all the conferences while techies were dying left and right in an attempt to be some sort of super-tech fungus to keep the love alive in an apocolyptic tech economy, but now invades my music? I wish it would just stick to being the new playlist format, and stay the $%)*( there!

Oolong: Rabbit Celebrity

I know some of you may know this, but today I just formerely introduced. The head trappings are just funny. You see a new picture with this rabbit with things on its head from waffles to … shrimp crackers? Anyway, funny stuff. He’s an internet celebrity if you didn’t know.

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<a href=””>My favorite shot… I died on this one.</a>

Blog Spam: IP Banning works?

I’ve been getting some blog spam as of late, and added my first IP to the IP Banning option in <a href=””>MoveableType’s</a> IP Banning config. Is this an effective method of blocking spam from those people?