Bio-Markup Language

No, I’m not talking about some propellarhead DTD… I’m talking about either it’s really late and I’m tired and my eyes & ears decieve me, or XML has gone to far. The text format you love to hate, but still frikin use in your day to job has some-frikin’-how made it into the GOA Trance land… I’m sitting here late night jamming to a band called Penta with a song called XML. wtf… who makes a techno song about XML? It sounds like that dude from Korn echoed out with sliced guitar riffs. I don’t make the strict markup connection… whatever, I’m still not asking what XML is and how it affects me, I refuse. It’s bad enough it had to latch onto all the conferences while techies were dying left and right in an attempt to be some sort of super-tech fungus to keep the love alive in an apocolyptic tech economy, but now invades my music? I wish it would just stick to being the new playlist format, and stay the $%)*( there!

3 Replies to “Bio-Markup Language”

  1. Hahaha. Picked this up off of Flog.

    Anyways, a lot of electronic producers daylight as some sort of techie, so I dont really find it surprising. Plus, most people won’t even know wtf xml is anyways, so it is maybe an “in-joke” for those of us who “know”.

    BTW, too much psytrance will turn your brains to custard.

  2. I agree, I’ve just had enough hard-house to make me yuke, and it doesn’t help me work longer than 4 hours without collapsing while I’ve found GOA is great for those long nights when you have those insane deadlines.

    …I’ll still work to house, though, or breaks after lunch since I’m cracked out, and finally the Matrix Soundtrack before I go home for the day.

  3. Breaks all day for the most part for me, with a few soundtracks interspersed throughout the hours. Mostly Kid Kenobi (he’s also from Sydney, support the local boys), Plump DJ’s, and anything else I can get my grotty little hands on :)

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