Just thought of this on the way to coffee…

If you had an F5 button on your chest, and someone pressed it, what would you do?

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  1. If it’s anytime before 11am it’d probably show an internal server error… not usually up and running before then..

  2. If I would be at work, I’d display ‘CONTENT-EXPIRED’ and then go home to play my guitar :-)

    Otherwise I would get another beer.

  3. If I were my barbarian in Diablo II, I’d cry out a battle order, if I were my assassin, I’d poison my unique blade talon, if I were a sorc, I’d whip up a quick lightning storm.

  4. I would forget that I married once ;-)
    I would believe in peace
    And I would stop that bullet that killed John Lennon.
    Yo, that’s a phat subject, kinda philosophic hehe.

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