Star Wars Galaxies FAQ

Good Lord… it’s scary when your gf knows more about a game than you.

Courtesy of her majesty, the first <a href=””>Star Wars Galaxies FAQ</a>.

My Weekend

Aside from T3 Sunday night, this is how I spent my weekend (that’s me bustin’ it on the right in the burgandy shades). I love <a href=””>Star Wars Galaxies</a>!

<a href=””>SWG Weekend w/ JesterXL</a>

What did you do?

Gloat: I beat Metroid Prime

I just thought I’d gloat and mention that I beat Metroid Prime. The graphics on this game will make you cry. The design on some of the menu’s is just fantastic; I swear I wish my Flash work could look like that as I’m sure most of what they did aside from the 70fps 3D models with zillions of polygons thrown in can be done… if I only I were a guru.

Regardless, even though the controls take some getting used to, worth buying a Gamecube for. Time for Zelda… or was it Star Wars Galaxies? Soo many games, soo little time!

Half-Life 2: Bling, Bling!

Gamers are an impatient bunch. We’re subscribed to an industry devoted to pushing the envelope faster than any other in tech. We’re forced to upgrade our system every 3 game titles we buy because either the games use the newest hardware acceleration only supported on newer video cards, the game itself has more than your average polygons making your processor scream, or there are just to many textures and sounds for your RAM to handle. Either way, the speed in which games provide entertainment compared to other mediums as the immersion of that entertainment makes us not at all patient. So, when a game developer screws up and puts a date on a title, there is nothing better to do that put up a fan site on Geocities, and make stupid Flash aniamtions <a href=””>like this one</a> while we debate what the game will really be like, and when it will really come out. If you played Half-Life, you’ll find it funny. Also, here’s some <a href=””>screenshots</a>.