My Weekend

Aside from T3 Sunday night, this is how I spent my weekend (that’s me bustin’ it on the right in the burgandy shades). I love <a href=””>Star Wars Galaxies</a>!

<a href=””>SWG Weekend w/ JesterXL</a>

What did you do?

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  1. How do you like this game? I really want it, but am afraid that I will not be able to stop playing.

    Btw, I just picked up StarWars Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox, and it is amazing. Great gameplay, graphics, story, etc…

    mike chambers

  2. YES!!! Knights Of The Old Republic Rulez ;-)

    I also would like Galaxies, but my computer is for programming right now….

    Jester, nice moves… ;-)


  3. Rise of Nations. Finally came out in Japan.. That and the new expansion pack for Warcraft III.

    gameaholics anonymous wants us

  4. I think, with friends, it’s really fun. It’s a lot easier to get into than Everquest, that’s for sure. You can still have a life AND do decently well in the game.

    I’ve gotten my girlfriend to play to, so we always go hang with this dude from New York; as with any Multiplayer game online, it’s a lot better with a group. The issue is, though, if you non-chalantly look, your right, this game will take away your time immeseley. Transportation across terrain is currently limited to town to town shuttles and planent to planet shuttles; the rest is walking until they implement animal mounts and speeders.

    I’m all about efficiency unless I’m having fun. Therefore, it is fun to tinker with all the classes as your not pigeon-holed into one role. Some, however, are easier and quicker to learn than others, but don’t offer much. For example, I’m already very talented at dancing and entertaining proficiencies, but all they really do is heal your mind and action attributes slowly while you wactch and/or listen, battle fatique which accures over hours of fighting, and health at later levels.

    Necessarey, but not self-sufficient.

    While being an artisan, one who builds as well as being a Medic takes a longer time to gain up in levels as you usually require other players to help or just a ton of time to wander about the wilderness then back to town again (again, the travel speed factor).

    The player matching could use some work, but the fact that they even have a player matching system in place internal to the game is fantastic. The email helps alot, more than I thought it could in a game. They’re many levels of menus only are unusable to me in that they remain entirely on screen. I’m not sure why they chose to do this but in windows, you can drag Outlook let’s say half on the screen and half off for the purpose of gaining screen realestate; you cannot do that in SWG, all windows remain in the screen bounds. Some menus you can customize and keep up, so it helps and with their adjustable (not by you but in game smarts probably through user testing) know when to fade so it’s never really in your way.

    Overall, if you just want to experiement, the first month is free, and you and some friends can spend a lot of time together having fun; keep in mind though it’s not a quick fix like Counterstrike is. The level of interest is spread out and excitement is usually low key (a change for me for sure). However, I warn you that the game does still take a lot of time to invest. If you can devote a few hours every weekend, and a couple during the week, I definately think it’s worth it. If you cannot, I suggest you stick to other games as it won’t be worth your money and time.

  5. Ohhhh, Jesse’s a gamer :-)
    And Mike as well…
    Been wanting to get my hands on both Galaxies and Knights of the Old Republic. Just haven’t gotten to it yet.
    And like Mike says, afraid I’ll get addicted – again – and can’t stop playing :-)

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