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Added to my co-workerz list one of my … co-werkerz. She’s helped me out a lot at work because she’s someone I can talk to you there about my girlfriend and other emotional type things; she’s a woman, she intrinsically understands that stuff, ya know? She also brings us donuts a lot on Friday which pretty much make’s the department’s day. Finally, she always has something nice to say to boost my self-esteem.

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  1. What a nice thing to say. Those things I say are not just to boost your self-esteem. Its sincere. However, if it boosts your self esteem, even better! :)

    The donuts…well…its job security… If they try to get rid of me…everyone will go into donut shock! Heh heh! >:-D

    Hope you got your router up and running this weekend. Don’t feel bad…seems to be the standard time frame. Hubby said he spent about 4 hours getting our wireless network setup as well…only to find out it was an issue with our cable company… :-P

  2. Nice friendship, cool. That’s very important. Congratulations.

    Paul P.

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