Failure & Inspiration

I was so ticked my Freestyle app wasn’t saving FLV’s, I could just scream. Combined with the fact I spent 4+ hours last night attempting to get my Linksys router to work on my gf’s DSL only to fail at every turn, I had about had it. I wanted to, heck still have an inkling of it, to just lounge around this weekend, and for once, do nothing… or even relax. This would allow me to time to reflect, recharge, and deal with the failures. (more…)

4 Replies to “Failure & Inspiration”

  1. Hi Jessie W. Call me at home if you need more info. We will be out until about 5 p.m. today getting furniture, but my hubby can walk you through how to do it. He’s one of those “mad scientist” types…& he likes to help people w/techno stuff. He has us all networked, wireless, & routered up! :)

    I feel your pain…thats the REAL reason I married scientist-boy!

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