JXL Freestyle on new server

John Robinson was kind enough to allow me to borrow his server until my main one gets fixed. You can record and publish streams now.

<a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/freestyle/”>JXL Freestyle</a>

Sorry for the inconvience.

Additionally, if your on Mac OSX+, please tell me if you experience any problems, and with what browser. I’ve had 2 reports of Safari issues. Additionally, if you get bored, play with the components in the source, and see if you can find out which JXL Component is giving you the issue; I’m guessing it’s camera related, but just guessing.

3 Replies to “JXL Freestyle on new server”

  1. This is cool. Love it.

    Btw, while you mention browser issues… I have this weird thing when viewing comments on your blog. At first, all comment text is invisible. If I select it then it appears and remains, even after being deselected, until I close the window. Work that one out! (IE6.0 winXP)

  2. Happens to me and many others; it’s my over-exhubarance and designer-esque approach to using CSS for the first time. I’m thinking a combination of my box model, text formatting, combined with the form elements causes some weird redraw issues. After I get my new side project site up for Flash help, I’ll rework this design.

    Does my comments on the right show up correctly for you?

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