Gloat: I beat Metroid Prime

I just thought I’d gloat and mention that I beat Metroid Prime. The graphics on this game will make you cry. The design on some of the menu’s is just fantastic; I swear I wish my Flash work could look like that as I’m sure most of what they did aside from the 70fps 3D models with zillions of polygons thrown in can be done… if I only I were a guru.

Regardless, even though the controls take some getting used to, worth buying a Gamecube for. Time for Zelda… or was it Star Wars Galaxies? Soo many games, soo little time!

3 Replies to “Gloat: I beat Metroid Prime”

  1. First, run… when he turns invisible, use one of your goggles. I believe after that transformation, he is succeptable to one of the elements; either fire, ice, or the other regular gun. THEN, when he drops the radioactive stuff, stand directly in the puddle, switch to your regalar gun (which is now morphed), and unleash hell!

    Repeat till boss is dead.

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