FLoadingBox Gotcha

Found a gotcha in using the FLoadingBox. This applies to FMessageBox (inluded in Component Set 2) and any other Box derivative I’m sure. Read on…

Loading Box: setAnimationState

Looking through the FLoadingBox from Component Set 3, DRK #1, and noticed in the docs, there is a link to “setAnimationState”, but it doesn’t go anywhere. Digging in the code, it actually is just a way to pass in true or false and it does the same thing as “startAnimation” and “stopAnimation”.

FUI and You: Prelude

I’ve been fighting implementing FUI Component inheritance into some of my existing components at work. I’ve been battling with it for 2 days, and I can’t wait to publish the results of my work: How to play nice with FUI. Stay tuned.