My Childhood Role-Model

<img src=” rogers.jpg” border=”0″ />”We are grateful for the many people, young and old, who have cared about his work over the years and who continue to appreciate ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ on PBS. We hope that you’ll join us in celebrating his life by reflecting on his messages and taking them into your everyday lives.”

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“We all long to be lovable and capable of loving,” he said. “And whatever we can do through the Neighborhood or anything else to reflect that and to encourage people to be in touch with that, then I think that’s our ministry.”

I so wanna cry, dude…

5 Replies to “My Childhood Role-Model”

  1. He always reminded me of my grandma. I always dug Seasame Street back in those days because the typerwriter on wheels was the only thing fast enough to keep my attention. Mr. Rogers I remember was better for me in the morning because he was so chill. I did, however, itch for Trolly to hurry his ass up in that tunnel so we could get to make believe land. I remember Mr. Rogers always had food and stuff, and I used to run to get some. Additionally, for at least a day afterward, I would hang up my clothes when I took off my coat or something. My mom used to love it. I remember too used to get ticked when visitors would come to his house because they wouldn’t stay long. I remember thinking when the show started, I would right down those street names you see so I could go to his house, keep him company, and maybe play with Trolly for a bit. I remember he fixed Trolly once too, that was funny. I always assumed his house was freezing because of those thick sweaters he wore. Pretty tight place to chill at because he was never upset, even when it rained.

    Makes you wanna start a Flashcom show for kids…

  2. I’m over 40, and never watched Mr. Rogers, but our defining day was when Captain Kangaroo got busted for cannabis, things haven’t been quite the same since….

  3. Hehe, geez. I remember him a little. He didn’t seem like the reefer type. Then again, I wasn’t a good judge of weed character when I was 4…

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