Angular 2 in Slovakia

Travelled to Slovakia 3 weeks back to speak about Angular 2 in Bratislava at the OpenSlava conference. Just a basic overview of Angular 2 vs 1. I dove into what docs I could find, took John Papa’s sample Angular 2 project out for a spin, played with a few language implementations.


It’s nice to see the Alpha stable enough to play with, and the community in general has done a great job keeping the various documentation about emerging features up to date as they’ve changed a ton.


Still not sure where the language will go. For my client work behind the firewall, TypeScript seems like a shoe in, but for open source, ES6 still seems to reign supreme. They’re both compatible with each other, but having 4 language opens opens the door for massive fragmentation. While they’ve solidified the code base API to be less flexible in a good way to encourage a specific way to build components, opposite problem with encouraging language options. Things could be worse.


Overall great conference, the Slovaks were uber polite, and it was great to meet many of my Slovak coworkers in person. Any country that digs pork as much as I do is cool with me. Apologies to the cameraman who is used to stationary targets.


Slides are up, and video below.