Video: Basics of Require JS

I’ve posted a new video, the basics of Require JS.



  • Jesse Warden
  • Software Consultant at Web App Solution
  • growing software firm
  • Require JS
  • why, what, and some examples
  • basic, not covering optimizations/compiling for production
  • ActionScript, java, python, ruby, C#, Lua
  • classes
  • packages
  • libraries
  • scope


  • code organization
  • code scalability
  • optimize code
  • multi-developer teams
  • nested dependencies
  • ease of use vs. compilation
  • asynchronous


  • define
  • require
  • config


  • unit tests
  • router example
  • handle bars example
  • typescript

3 Replies to “Video: Basics of Require JS”

  1. Great overview!

    I’ve got a question though. As I understand all the files will be loaded at runtime when needed. Does that mean that a larger app could have too many server requests?

    1. Correct. In a future video I’ll go over r.js, part of Require. It handles compiling down all your files into 1 file as well as optionally uglifying (uglify.js == compression, slight optimizations) them as well so you have 1 server request vs. 1,000’s. You should only do this for production deployments as debugging even single files is a royal pain.

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