Why Multiple Files Using RequireJS vs. 1 Big One

A YouTube watcher of my channel regarding my Basics of Require JS Part 1 writes:

… main.js is a concatenated and minified version of all the js. Just wondering why do you still need requirejs if you concatenate and minify your js in a single file [via r.js].

Is there an advantage of using requirejs in this instance? Or can you just straight target main.js?

I’ve seen 2 clients now who put all of their JavaScript into a single, large file vs. using classes, modules, and packages; traditional computer science concepts that Require does its best to enable in JavaScript.

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How to Use RobotLegs On Top of Gaia: Part Deux

Robotlegs has been released for awhile, and things have changed over the past 7 months for the better.  A major discovery at how the Flash IDE can compile metatdata has recently come to light, so it’s time for an update to this topic which hopefully supersedes both my old way of using Robotlegs in the Flash IDE, and Helmut’s way.

The following article describes what Gaia and Robotlegs are, why you would use them, and how you go about using them together.

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