How to Launch a Small Software Product Slides

My slides from speaking at RIA Unleashed and 360 Flex conferences.

Download – Keynote | PDF | JPEG’s | Slideshare

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4 Replies to “How to Launch a Small Software Product Slides”

  1. Thanks for sharing those slides, they rock!
    Looks like a lot of work to launch even a small product. Pre-development phase, developing the product, creating a site, marketing, ongoing support…
    Hope I can launch a successful product someday, lots of work but the satisfaction (and the bling) you get seems to be totally worth it.

  2. It as a lot of work. However, remember Plan B:

    Release a build every 1st and 15th of the month.

    If it’s a web app, you just need a domain and an HTML page with some content for Google to index.

    If it’s an AIR app, same, just a download link vs. embed code.

    If it’s an Android/iPhone app, you don’t even need that, just their store.

  3. Nice presentation.

    In what format is the downloadable file on slideshare (I am getting a .key extension) ?
    I tried to change it to .ppt, .swf, .pdf and .doc but no luck.

  4. @Menorki Thanks! .key is for Keynote, the main presentation software on Mac for Keynote. I’ll convert to PPT later Monday evening and upload.

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