Viaas: Live & Archived Video

Viaas: The best project I ever worked on, with the best client I’ve ever had.  This is where my Agile Chronicles came from. The front-end portion I worked on was built using Flex.  Congrats to the Third Iris team for launching!

Here’s a video from Tuesday of Steve & Paul showing off the application in 5 minutes.  There are a lot of cool things they don’t show, but this should give you the gist in a short time frame.  Notice the camera is powered via the ethernet cable.

Paul is the only developer I’ve met in my entire career who does accurate time estimations. Also, props to Jonathan Miranda who took over for me and brought her to launch.

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  1. Nice demo and very impressive looking project! I think he meant to say “the software running on the network finds the camera”… not the “camera connects”.

    It is interesting because he pushes “the camera” initially but obviously, it’s the software that does everything.

    Wha? monthly monitoring… ?

    Great presentation too

  2. Nice job Jesse – good demo too! The pressure is always on at the DEMO events – thought they did a good job!

    POE is really sweet too – everytime I get a new network device now I look for POE.

    I’m definitely going to check this out deeper as it would really work well for some of the timelapse systems I’ve worked on for monitoring wildlife/fish/water, etc. The annotation features would be really useful for biologists leveraging systems like this – not just for security purposes.

    The price sounds great too per month for customers who don’t want to invest a huge amount in their own equipment.

    Nice work!

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