4 Replies to “A Flash G Talks about Silverlight”

  1. Would be great if you could post it here as an FLV… no (Silverlight) install permissions on my work machine ;)

  2. bah, i’m not downloading yet another plugin just to watch a video that i could have watched if it was an flv, qt or wmv.

    I had silverlight when it first came out, hit all kinds of issues and decided i didn’t need yet another plug in crashing my browser. (why i use firefox now too).

    I think silverlight has potential, but some of my large big name clients have considered it, where even whood by MS and still decided against it because of either development, technical or distribution constraints.

    I might consider it again in a few years, but Flash 9 / AS3 is so fast and reliable I’m personally not given enough compelling reasons to switch.

  3. I have just downloaded the video in wmv, can’t be bother to install silverlight.

    I have met a guy who is director of his company doing .net widgets, he told me that Microsoft has paid and asked them to do some stuff in sliverlight although he likes flash more. He is also interested in Adobe Air, maybe will do Air widgets soon too.

    I guess it is one way of promoting their product, get paid by using their products:)

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