What I learned about the Wii at WebDU


Dale and I played some mad tennis on the Wii. The next morning, both of us had a majorly sore right arm. I realized if I did that for 3 months I’d become Reggie from Lady in the Water. ‘Course, if you’re planning on hunting scrunts, there is no better training! Definitely plan on getting one for my birthday since I am really disappointed in the game selection for my XBox 360.

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  1. hell yeah, the wii kicks ass. It’s so much fun you don’t care one bit about the second rate graphics. I know exaclty what you mean about the soreness…the wife and I boxed each other and we were out of commision the next day (and yes, boxing each other was better than therapy).

  2. The Wii rules man, definitely get one. I’ve had one since it first came out and really like it. Having a hard time getting time to play, but it’s hard to stop when I do start.


  3. Jesse,
    I was the slightly hungover guy attempting to have a nap in the Wii room who ended up being witness to the Rankine – Warden tennis detah match.

    You had Dale on the ropes until he figured out how to serve those match winning aces. Power serve.

    Hope you had a great time in Australia.

  4. uhhhhh, the wii is cool, but i like the pc much better. playing battlefield 2 all day long and making awsome head shots with my sniper is great. i got the best sniper gun unlocked and ready for use. any one of you don’t play this game should try it. ohhh one thing that made me made and will probobly make you mad too is that,now punk buster will not let you just play if you do not have xp. you have to go through a whole bunch of stuff to fix it. (*_*) grrrr. (*o*)
    ohhhh. i don’t know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is what it will say when it kicks you out of a game>> inadequate o/s privileges. now you may be able to fix it but i can’t. and i’m realy mad..

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