Flash Player 8 Effects in Flash Lite 3?

Alessandro posted a Flash Lite 3 video example shown at a financial meeting. Sharp-eyed Zeh wondered if he saw a motion blur. A lot of video codecs will compensate for fast-motion by blurring so you don’t get the hardcore pixelation from a non-keyframe, and all in all smaller file size. However, the phone ISN’T moving and since that appears to be some form of component with dynamic content in it, that means they couldn’t have done it by hand (say, using Photoshop or After Effects). I say it’s a motion blur. Good eye Zeh!

If what we are observing is accurate, that means Flash Lite 3 will have the Flash Player 8 effects. Furthermore, that also means it’ll most likely have the new Garbage Collector that they put in Flash Player 8 with mark & sweep in addition to reference counting. That’ll help kill the unintentional circular references, and give us more reliable memory usage on an already constrained set of devices.

That still leaves the new AVM and ActionScript 3. I made an effort, although not a huge one, to mention Flash Lite 3 around any Adobe employee at WebDU 2007 who had any association with alcohol. The general plan of attack is you start a conversation with them, start bitching about some of the design challenges you have with the current technology (in a positive way, not annoying) so they feel the need to satiate your concerns with hints at future technology solutions… say, new features in Flash Lite 3. Once you get that, you then go find another Adobe employee near alcohol, and do the same thing. The goal is corroboration. If you can get 2 unrelated employees hinting at a new feature, you can pretty much be sure… as sure as one can be anyway if you don’t work for Adobe and aren’t on any beta’s.

Nothing. I got nothing. In fact, I think they were making with the local “take the piss out of Jesse” culture and screwing with me. Either that, or it was my approach. ::shrugs::

If one were to levitate up to 30,000 ft, it seems to me all the engineering efforts around AS3 and the new AVM with focus on developers are going towards Flex 3 & Apollo. On the designer front, they are all going towards Photoshop, Flash, and Flash Lite since more designers are employed in the Flash & Flash Lite arena. Lame, I want both. Anyway, at least Moxie will hopefully address some of the designer / developer work flows as well as making Flex’ Design View a little more extensible. Wish I could say some more concrete things about Flash Lite 3. Video’s neat, but I STILL need to code those solutions. I’m sure the cliche response by now from experienced Flash Lite dev’s is, “No you don’t…”.

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  1. Just to clarify, the motion blurring effect that is shown in the demo is not done through any type of Flash 8 filters but is instead a MC that has 3 frames: frame 1= normal bitmap, 2= blurred bitmap, 3=normal bitmap. It

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