WebDU 2007 Preso: Shuriken Component Framework for Flash Lite 2.x

Shuriken is an open-source component framework for Flash Lite 2.x I started on back in September of 2006. I’ve uploaded some examples that showcase the different components that you can use from Shuriken as well as 2 example Flash Lite 2.1 applications. You can read the why’s and how’s at the project page. You are welcome to contribute to the project as well via writing code, writing docs, and/or whatever. Any feature / component requests, we’re all ears.

Finally, big thanks to Greg Burch from Adobe’s Mobile Dev team. He was a really big help in many areas including performance, API feasibility, and code reviewing.


I travelled to Sydney, Australia for WebDU 2007 to speak about Shuriken. Always a great conference; low key, personal, and savvy sophisticated attendees. Good speaker to attendee ratio as well. Thanks a lot to the Daemon team. 5 years on and it’s still the best Flash / Flex related conference I’ve been too. Maybe next conference I’ll pick a less obscure topic so my wife doesn’t get the bigger room for her presentation… *ahem*.

Shuriken Project Page

WebDU 2007 Preso

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  1. Great news on the release! I hope to contribute some more in the near future as I get through the next wave of work I have to do :). Thanks for the mention.

  2. hey man, great to have you and Her Majesty down under again – my shoulder still has a twinge of pain from you kicking my ass in Wii Boxing … but I still got it on you in Tennis at least :) Hope to catch up with you again soon. Dale

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