Sho Kuwamoto on Flex Builder 2 on a Mac and Illustrator Integration

Sho Kuwamoto is talking about workflow between Photoshop, Flex, and ColdFusion. Naturally, I’m really interested to hear about Photoshop integration. I have a feeling I’ll have to update my presentation, in a good way, tonight.

Sho is currently showing design integration with a design in Flex Builder 2. Guess what? He’s showing Flex Builder 2 on a Mac!

He’s showing MovieClip creation of symbols with Scale 9 in Illustrator. He’s setting instance names in Illustrator and exporting to SWF. He then goes in the CSS, and maps the states of the Button component, like up, over, down, to the MovieClip symbol inside the SWF he exported. Upon refreshing you can see the art previewed inside of Flex Builder 2.

Crowd digs that Flex Builder 2 is on a Mac!